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I was asked last month by Samantha Verant to write a short story for Valentine’s Day. Samantha published her book, Seven Letters From Paris last year. My story is a true one and you can find it here http://www.samanthaverant.com/2015/02/early-on-cold-st-valentines-day-true.html “The rose is a rose and was always a rose”

Special event at Blackwell’s: a workshop by that excellent writer and teacher Richard Skinner, Head of Fiction at the Faber Academy. We began with a mini story-telling task relating the events of our Sunday. (Mine was singularly event-free.) He had us cut our words and twist our paragraphs around and for most of us that  […]

‘Timed Out’, my first novel, now has a publisher, Driven Press.  And ‘Makeover‘, my second, has gone for a manuscript assessment with The Oxford Editors along with a list of issues that are bothering me. For example: Are the two alternating points of view/’voices’ clearly differentiated or will I be accused of head-hopping? I have […]

Imagine a beautiful woman on killer heels standing unsteadily under a lamp post in a dark street.  She’s got lost on the way to what may be the most important engagement of her life. It is six fifteen on a July evening in Oxford, England. See what I mean about a really nice bit of […]

‘As you write you can’t escape all the literature you have loved.’ This was one of many wise reflections from Ian McEwan this evening. Another couple of points that struck me particularly: the importance of people’s jobs, so often neglected in novels and yet key to fleshing out  character; and the pleasures of the short  […]

Trends of one sort or another.

Another short list: for my first and probably only ghost story, which bears the peculiar title ‘Potter, Dimity, Lilies.’ When they announced this news, Spooky Tales/What the Dickens? Magazine promised an ebook anthology and – how lovely! – a paper edition as well. Several months and emails later I have discovered that the anthology has […]


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