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tried to take flattering photo of self. Decided this was a better bet.


‘Jack’ (not her real name) themodel for the cat in the story

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‘Mandy’ (not her real name) the inspiration for the dog in Patricia and the Slasher

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The Hyperlink saga

On a wonderful Guardian workshop on e-book production I learned how to create hyperlinks between chapters or stories and the contents list. On both current, nearly ready story collections I have laboriously three times done exactly what I was told. At first all links worked perfectly. Now they don’t. ‘Word for Dummies’ offers no help. […]

The struggles continue

Can’t work out how to put up a photo. But you’re not missing much. The kind people at Ether Books have now published my fifth story ‘Patricia and the Slasher’ – a soppy/comic and part-autobiographical tale about internet dating, I am thrilled to announce that it costs 69p. – so I fear I am not […]

Yet more embarrassments

Thought I’d lost the whole master file of short stories written by my group and destined for Kindle. Remembered little black back- up thing but couldn’t work out what was in it or how to get its contents out. Then found the file, and quickly emailed it ot my co-authors and a copy to self […]

Pride and Embarrassment

Meeting with Sara Banerji, who taught our creative writing class. She has just had six of her novels re-issued by Bloomsbury. And she continues to teach, organise the monthly story-tellling event ‘Sharkspark’, work in her allotment and make jam tarts. She wasn’t shocked by my first and only attempt at a nasty story, which involvesĀ  […]