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Some things I’ve learned in my year of being published

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A year ago today, my debut novel, Our Endless Numbered Days was published by Fig Tree, an imprint of Penguin. Many things have happened since then which I could never have imagined – my book won th… Source: Some things I’ve learned in my year of being published

The Launching of a Novel

Some people who like to see and hold a printed copy, and that is what you can provide at a book launch or a literary festival talk.  And meeting people is fun, even if you don’t  break even  when you have  factored in your  time and the refreshments. I have arranged two launches for my […]

Portrait of a Boyfriend

Here’s another piece of flash fiction.  I’m a new member of the Romantic Novelists Association and I wanted to show you that we can be  unromantic too.  Squint: ‘A condition in which the visual axes of each eye are not directed simultaneously at the same fixation point (i.e. each eye is not pointing at the […]

We are ACE !

Source: We are ACE ! Source: We are ACE !