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Oscar one of my firends in the West Country


Westward Ho!

It would have been nice to report on a week’s Arvon course  at Totleigh Barton in Devon and tell all three of my devoted readers how to write for radio. But it didn’t work out. I did go west and visited my friend Jane and her bulldog Oscar in Truro, Cornwall. It rained, as you […]

More triumphs and disasters

The run of good luck with Ether Books continues.  They have accepted ‘Out of the Sea: two Cornish Love Stories’  one of the sweetest, most feel-good things I have ever produced.  The second acceptance was of ‘Googling the Wife’  – originally one of the nastiest – I had a horrible insensitive and mercenary protagonist.  But […]

That sinking feeling

With Amazon self-publishing you have easy access to your sales figures, but I gather you are not allowed to broadcast them. I wouldn’t want to. The picture I am trying to upload or insert  provides a metaphor for how I am feeling.


Oxtale Soup, and Click to Click sales figures and how they make me feel

Fame Please check this out.: It’s me – featured as Ether Books writer of the day. And on theri Facebook entry they say I’m ‘rather hilarious’. That’s nice. I’ve been called worse.

up and running scared

Two self-published  but excellent collections are now up there somewhere and can be read on kindles and  ipads and even somehow on PCs for £1.92 or so apiece.  I won’t go into too much detail about the process of getting them there. Let’s just say it was not as easy as I expected – after […]