Monthly Archives: November 2015

What do they call you?

When I first moved to Oxford in 1975 I was amused when my elderly neighbours called me ‘my duck.’ I haven’t heard that recently. I love these regional variations and I’m sorry they are dying out. My parents lived in Cornwall and a colleague who visited there was so delighted with the Cornish habit of […]

Some thoughts about listening

When I was a social worker listening closely was a big part of my job and I’m sure that has helped me to write believable dialogue. What one deduces from what other people say is another matter, I think. Some of my musings on this have informed my novel ‘Timed Out’. In the passage quoted […]

False Literary Memories: the Case of ‘Brooklyn’ by Colm Toibin

Here’s a trick my mind plays. I’ve just seen the film ‘Brooklyn’. I loved it – wonderful acting, perfect dialogue (screenplay by Nick Hornby), beautiful to look at. As we went in, I told my friend that the Colm Toibin novel is one of my favourites and so I wouldn’t be wondering what Eilis would […]