The Launching of a Novel

Some people who like to see and hold a printed copy, and that is what you can provide at a book launch or a literary festival talk.  And meeting people is fun, even if you don’t  break even  when you have  factored in your  time and the refreshments.

I have arranged two launches for my debut novel Timed Out, and anyone who looks at this blog is most welcome.

The first is at Blackwell’s Bookshop, Oxford. I live in Oxford, and like everyone else here I love Blackwell’s, and I feel honoured to have this chance. It is on Saturday April 23rd 7-9 p.m, and if you want to come please register via me (here, or by email Free, of course, and my talk will be very short.

The second is in Cambridge , where Timed Out is set. It is in Heffer’s Bookshop in Trinity Street, Cambridge  on Tuesday June 7th at 6.30.  Again this is free, but necessary to register via Eventbrite.

If you can suggest this to anyone you know who lives in the area, I’d be grateful, because I don’t know as many Cambridge people as I used to. I have learned that these events specify  both a minimum and a maximum number of guests – that maximum is a problem for me in Oxford, whereas the minmum is a challenge in Cambridge.

My third event is an exciting opportunity: with fellow author Philip S Davies I will be speaking as a local debut novelist in the Blackwell’s Marquee at the Oxford Literary Festival. This is on Saturday April  9, 3-4 pm. This is a free event – just turn up. A bit scarey but I look forward to it.Timed Out Promotion Banner copy



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  2. good to see this, Barbara. I admire your drive, your staying power and your inspirational determination. Bravo.


  3. Thanks for this Robert. It is much appreciated when much published novelists like yourself say supportive things to beginners like me.


  4. congrats on the book. hope it is going well.


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