Pretty awesome!

Am I alone in muttering ‘Aw shucks!’ and turning pinkish when WordPress tells me that another blogger considers my little unpublished short story or a few random reflections about writing to be ‘pretty awesome’? Couldn’t they just say the kind person ‘liked’ what I wrote? Certainly when I ‘like’ or  start to follow, it may simply mean that I find a writer’s work interesting, or good, or even excellent. We can’t all be awesome all of the time.

Superlatives are losing their force. The currency is being devalued.

Please, everybody, save the word ‘awesome’ for your reviews of my novel. (:




  1. Oh dear. I meant 🙂 not (:


  2. Sorry. I have just ‘liked’ this, so you’re going to get another ‘awesome’ from WordPress! Not as bad as Yahoo, who tell me when my spam folder is empty that it is ‘spamtastic’.


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