A novel is finished when an agent calls it in…

…at least until that agent either rejects the novel  or insists that I add more words.

I  added some more episodes and de-summarised a bit more, got it to 66,000 words (thanks to all who gave me advice on length!) and finally ‘queried’ a few  agents.

Now one of them has the whole thing and has ‘exclusivity‘.  Note my expanding vocabulary! Trying to control my optimism, I have turned my attention to novel number two and I’m having a great deal of fun with it.  Writing from two points of view: a predatory fashion buyer and her prey, a history lecturer; and no first person narrator. Don’t get me wrong – I was fond of the protagonist of novel number one, but  still it’s nice to have a  change of company.

Have also been fiddling with old short stories and  sent a couple off to competitions today, one about a ghost and another about a hair transplant.


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  1. Good luck with all of that! And happy New Year.


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