up and running scared

Two self-published  but excellent collections are now up there somewhere and can be read on kindles and  ipads and even somehow on PCs for £1.92 or so apiece.  I won’t go into too much detail about the process of getting them there. Let’s just say it was not as easy as I expected – after the Guardian masterclass I thought I knew it all.

One book, Oxtale Soup: stories of Oxford and Oxfordshire, lost its italics and the neat little capitals at the beginning of each story and the clever way the first lines were not indented. This book was written by members of our writing class.

The other book preserved its italics –  important because I had attempted to give my story, The Pimple,  a bit of class by quoting from Marlowe’s  Dr Faustus. If you are wondering, this is in connection with a man going on a date. The book is Click to Click: tales of internet dating. It also reprints the story Patricia and the Slasher whose animal characters have been showcased in this blog.

If you look at the little notes on the authors you will find out whether any of us writes from experience.

In my next blog I will try to say more about marketing and sales – nobody’s favourite topics, it seems.


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