tried to take flattering photo of self. Decided this was a better bet.




  1. A most classy and mysterious photo! Lovely to see the now famous animals too. Glad you have mastered the photo-uploading. Who knows what achievements lie ahead?!


    1. Just when I was thinking of giving up the blog since nobody looks at it , got your kind message. Have tried to read your story at the comp website – no luck so far. It is really kind of you to help a far less successful writer.

      V busy – have just published my group’s collection Oxtale Soup: stories of Oxford and Oxfordshire on Kindle after huge single-handed struggles with forms and formatting. I think some of its contents are a joy. If you have £1.93 and the means to read it, please do so.

      Next week I shall astonish the world with a book of stories about internet dating – Click to Click: tales of internet dating which is of – shall we say? – ‘less uneven’ quality. High hopes, especially since my photographer cousin had done a superb cover for it.



  2. Oh really I’m only a tadpole in the great writing ocean!

    It does take a while to build up a blog. Not just the writing of it, but the networky stuff of finding other people with blogs you like and enticing them to come and have a look at yours. Time consuming, when mostly writers want to be writing rather than tinkering with technology. (And on that subject, gosh, what troubles I am having with my MP3 player!)

    Anyway, have found your Oxtale Soup on both Amazon and Facebook. Very exciting! Don’t give up yet!


  3. I think the way these things usually work is that if you read my blog, I then read yours, and so on…not that there is a manual – a “Miss Manners” for blogs (perhaps there should be), but I saw you visited my blog so I thought I would pay a call.

    Now you have me curious about the cat story – I shall need to check etherbooks – is it there? Is that where we’ve, dare I say, “met”?

    I am also interested in this concept of a “less even” book on internet dating – does internet dating ever come in the “even” variety? If so, do tell! Although I’m sure the “less even” tales are even better!


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